Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

Future Residents

We have a wide variety of options, amenities, locations, & prices to meet you and your pet's needs. Our team of trained leasing professionals can assist and guide you in finding your next home!

We require a credit score of at least 600 and an income equal to 2.5x rent. We also work with co-signers if need be.

For those buildings that accept dogs, we allow 1 dog at 75 lbs or less or 2 dogs under 40 lbs each. For those buildings that accept cats, we allow up to 2 cats. For those buildings that accept both cats and dogs, the above policies apply with a 2 pet maximum.

We have a one-time $350 non-refundable pet fee per pet for most buildings. The exceptions are Timber Creek, which has a non-refundable $400 pet fee for dogs and $350 for cats, and Osgood Townhomes, which have a $500 pet deposit per pet.

No, we do not require pet rent at Property Resources Group.

There is an application fee of $40 per adult. Co-signers will also need to pay a $40 application fee.

Current Residents

You have a few options in order to pay your rent.
1. You can pay online in your Resident Portal by visiting and logging into your account by clicking “Resident Login” in the top right hand corner. Once logged in, go to the “Payments” tab. You will have the option of paying with a debit/credit card or bank account. You will also be able to set up automatic payments.
2. There is also an app for the Resident Portal on both IOS and Android! Just search for RentCafe in the App Store. You will have the same options for paying rent as you do online.
3. Mail your check or money order to your site office.
4. Drop your check in the box outside of your site office.

Rent is due the 1st day of each month regardless of weekends and holidays. You have until the 3rd to pay your rent, any rent received after the 3rd is subject to late fees.

Once logged into your Resident Portal, go to the “Payments” tab and select “Payment Accounts”. From here, you will first need to add the payment method you would like to use to pay rent (ex. Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Account). Once added, you can either make a one time payment by clicking “Pay Now” under the “Make Payments” tab or setting up auto pay by clicking “Auto-pay Setup”. Keep in mind that there are fees associated with credit card payments.

ACH/echeck is an easy, safe and FREE option for paying your rent! Rent charges are pulled directly from your bank account and can be set up to be pulled on any day for as long as you choose.

Login to your Resident Portal and click the “Maintenance” tab. Click “Submit a Work Order” and fill out all the required information. If you have any photos, you can attach the files to the work order. Once submitted, our maintenance team will get to your issue as soon as they are able.

Call your site office's phone number.
Amber Crossing Office: 701-356-9999
Boundary Rentals Office: 701-499-3882
Osgood Place Office: 701-356-7007
PRG Rental Office: 701-356-5253

-Building fire or smoke
-Broken exterior building or exterior apartment doors
-Broken window or door glass
-Leaking water or water leakage from appliances excluding dripping faucets that cannot be contained overnight
-Frozen water pipes
-No heat
-Broken building entry locks
-Garage doors or openers not functioning - only if car is inside
-Toilets not functioning if there is only one bathroom or leaking water
-Anything that causes a safety issue to the resident or property

Residents that are locked out of their apartment need to call a locksmith. Party calls or suspicious activity on premises, please call the police.

It depends on the weather. As we know, in North Dakota and Minnesota, the weather is always changing so please keep an eye out for emails regarding your heat.

Per our contract with the snow vendors, plows will do a quick pass through to open up lots while it is still snowing and will return for a more thorough clean out after the snow and wind has stopped.

A two (2) full calendar months’ written notice is require to vacate at the end of the initial lease term. A one (1) full calendar month written notice is required to vacate after the lease term has expired and the lease is extended on a month-to-month basis. To give written notice, you need to email your site office or physically bring in/mail a letter. This information is also located in your lease.